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After nearly 50 years of reading and writing dry text; first in school, then in the Navy, and finally as a Contracts Manager, Tom decided to write stories that were engaging and easier to read. Beginning with Chet… Read more...
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Tom notices the aspects of the cultural psyche that pass most people by.   He writes as though he has a magnifying glass looking into the human heart.  From the first page to the well-crafted conclusion of his books, you will feel as though he knows you and understand the needs and desire of a generation defined by isolation and misunderstanding.


I was thrilled to find two more of your books when I searched to spend a gift card I received at Christmas  My daughter loves them too. KH


A whole different and fun view of heaven and the afterlife. Kind of a sequel to "Chet", another of Tom's book introducing heaven in a different light. A fun book to read beside a wood fire on a snowy day. Keeps your interest with a great ending.


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