About the Author

After nearly 50 years of reading and writing dry text; first in school, then in the Navy, and finally as a Contracts Manager, Tom decided to write stories that were engaging and easier to read. Beginning with Chet, a short story that became a novel, he has created adventures in a variety of genre that are intended to take the reader from one page to the next without yawns or eye rubs. An avid researcher, Tom's fiction always contain nuggets of fact, giving the reader the opportunity to receive a little information in a different way. A little romance, a little violence, and unexpected plot turns keep the reader engaged without being so graphic that younger readers don't receive some lessons too early in life while giving more mature readers the opportunity to read between the lines. 

Tom and Tara, his wife of over 40 years, are both retired and change their home base from time to time so they have seen numerous parts of the country and have experienced life from different perspectives.. Tara edits every final draft to ensure that the reader always gets Quite a Read.

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